Deep Tissue Massage

This massage gets into more debth but is still kept within a comfortable level for you. You should notice great relief from chronic issues with these techniques. To get the most out of your massage session you can have your therapist focus on any particular issue you may be having trouble with such as: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Shoulder Limitations Low Back Pain Neck Pain Headaches and so on.

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Swedish & Therapeutic Massage

Enjoy a wonderful Swedish Massage session to help you unwind from the day, week or month. Each session is individualized and unique with your needs in mind.

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910 W. San Marcos Blvd. Suite #109

Plenty of Parking

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Therapy Room

We offer Swedish Massage, Deep-tissue & Neuromuscular Therapy as well as light touch sessions such as: Reiki and Cranio-Sacral. We customize our sessions to your needs.

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OXYGEN Retreat with Food Grade Fragrances

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I was pleasantly surprised how "one up" my experience was. I have been treating myself to massage for over 20 years across many countries and I can say they are a step above most of my prior experiences. I've been there multiple times now and I've had 2 separate massage therapists. They both were exceptional and consistent. I highly recommend this establishment. ~D.K.

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